Wednesday, 5 August 2015

With a Lidl help ...

Sue was reading this week's online Lidl flyer and noticed that they had a 'special event' that included a set of collapsible tables. She thought that they might have a wargaming use ... so she told me about them and earlier this week we went a bought a set.

The tables all fold flat and have legs that can be adjusted so that they can be set at various different heights. (The heights are 73cm, 80cm, 87cm or 94cm.) Each table is 100cm x 60cm, has an MDF top covered in a black finish and an aluminium frame, and can take up to 30kg. They also have individual carrying handles and clips so that the tables can be clipped together to form a variety of different layouts.

They are currently on sale for £39.99 for a set of three tables, and I can see me using them in all sorts of different ways.

A note for my non-European blog readers:
Lidl is a European-wide chain of supermarkets that – with its main rival Aldi – has taken the UK's food retail sector by storm. They were originally thought of as being cheap and basic, but have now shown themselves to be worthy rivals for the well-known supermarkets.

They tend to stock European rather than English brands, and have weekly 'special events' (e.g. Italian food, French food, Do-it-Yourself) where they sell items that they do not normally stock. These tables were one such item.


  1. We have Aldi here in the US, or at least my part of the country.

    Nice that you have a wife looking out for you on the wargaming front.

    Did she phrase it something like, "Ooh, this would be perfect for you and your little men."?

  2. Stu Rat,

    I had not realised that Aldi had branches in the US until you made your comment ... and I understand that Lidl will be starting up there in the very near future.

    My wife is always on the lookout for stuff that I might find useful for wargaming, and has known me long enough to refer to them as my 'toys' ... even in front of total strangers. (I long ago ceased to be embarrassed about my hobby.)

    All the best,


  3. Bought - thank you, excellent spot.

  4. Norm,

    Glad to have been of help.

    All the best,