Friday, 15 July 2016

Quiz errata ... and an important piece of news about COW2017

As TamsinP pointed out in her comment yesterday, one of my answers was not 100% correct. (I blame post-COW fatigue for a basic mathematical error!)

The answer to Question 2 should read as follows:
Two, the VCs won by Private Robert Jones and Private John Williams. Of the other nine VCs, seven went to Englishmen, one to an Irishman, and one to a Swiss. Of the four DCMs awarded, two went to Englishmen, one to a Scot, and one to an Irishman.
For some reason I missed Private John Williams (who was born in Wales of Irish parents) off my list when I counted up the number of VC winners.

Oops! Sorry!


Since I got back from COW2016 I seem to have been up to my neck in bookings for COW2017 ... so much so that I have received 38 bookings! This means that any further bookings are going to have to share a room with one of the existing attendees or attend as a non-residential attendee.

In all the years in which I have been involved with running COW, I have never had all the single rooms booked within a week of the end of the previous conference. This has just never happened before, and it leaves me with a massive dilemma. I don't want to turn bookings down, but I know that most people are unwilling to share a room.

This is an unprecedented situation, and one that I am going to have to try to find a solution to very, very quickly.


  1. Well that's a bit desperate. I was waiting until the PayPal option for next year came up to do it all in one go.

    Perhaps Knuston know of a B&B nearby which could offer some sort of discounted rate?



    1. Rumblestrip (Andrew),

      As you can guess, the deluge of bookings rather took me by surprise, and I haven't had the opportunity to update the PayPal payment buttons as yet.

      I am in discussions with Knuston Hall about alternative accommodation, and they have indicated that they may be in a position to accommodate a certain number of tents for those who don't mind camping. As to what local B&Bs are available ... well I will see what I can find out and pass on the results of my researches.

      All the best,


    2. Ooh tents!!! Good idea. I do tents. Did Iceland in minus 2 at night.


    3. Rumblestrip (Andrew),

      Knuston Hall have confirmed that they will accept bookings from people who are willing to camp, and the cost will be the same as normal non-residential attendees.

      Camping in Iceland at minus 2! You must love camping to do that!

      All the best,