Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Spanish Civil War: Day-by-Day: 20th July 1936

Prime Minister Giral appealed to the French Socialist Government (whose Prime Minister was Leon Blum) for arms supplies.

General Francisco Franco sent emissaries to Hitler and Mussolini to ask for military aid and technical assistance.

The nominal leader of the Rising, General Jose Sanjurjo, was killed when the aircraft bringing him from Portugal to Burgos crashed on take-off.


  1. We looked into doing the SCW in 6mm using Spearhead rules but never got around to making it happen. You may inspire me to have another go!

    1. Phil Broeders,

      Good luck! I created my own 1:300th-scale SCW set up back in the 1980s when I wrote my ARRIBA ESPANA rules. I still have them somewhere and really out to get them onto a tabletop sooner rather than later.

      All the best,