Monday, 5 June 2017

Warships of the Great War era: A history in ship models

Some days ago Sue received an email that had links to various books that were on sale at reduced prices. One of the books on the list was WARSHIPS OF THE GREAT WAR ERA: A HISTORY IN SHIP MODELS. She thought that it would might appeal to me ... and it did.

It was on sale at £10.00 off its original published price of £25.00, but after a bit of research on the Internet I found it on sale elsewhere for less than £10.00. I ordered it ... and it was delivered a few days ago.

The book was written by David Hobbs and published in 2014 by Seaforth Publishing (ISBN 978 1 84832 212 7). The models used to illustrate the book come from the collections of the National Maritime Museum, the Imperial War Museum, the Australian War Memorial, and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

The book is split into eight sections, some of which are split into sub-sections:
  • Introduction
  • Battleships
    • Early Experiments with aviation
    • Battleship superstructure
    • The underwater danger
  • Battlecruisers
    • Features of a capital ship
    • Capital ship development 1914-1918
  • Cruisers
    • features of a light cruiser
    • Guns and gun mountings
  • Destroyers
    • Features of a Destroyer
    • Destroyer development
  • Submarines
  • Other Warship Types
    • Unconventional responses to the U-boat menace
    • Boats and boat storage
  • Merchantmen at War
I don't think that I would have bought this book for its full price ... but for just under £10.00 it was a bargain.

One of the models featured in the book is of HMS Vindictive at the time of the Zeebrugge Raid that took place on St George's Day, 1918.

As a child, this model used to fascinate me, and led to my long-term interest in the raid. It was good to see it again, and hopefully it is still on display at the IWM.

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