Friday, 23 February 2018

La Ultima Cruzada: Paperback and eBook editions

Since LA ULTIMA CRUZADA was published late last year, I've had several requests for both paperback and eBook editions.

Having given it some thought, I've decided to see how quickly and easily this could be done, and if it does not require too much work on my part, I hope to be able make them available in the near future.


  1. Bob,

    Perhaps you should ask one of our publisher friends how long you should wait between hardback and paperback, so that those of us who forked out for the hardback know how long we're going to be the privileged few before you sell to the masses.


    1. Trebian,

      Judging by past experience, it should take a week or so to prepare the paperback and eBook editions of the book, after which they have to be checked for errors. Once this stage is complete, I can proceed to the publication stage.

      I don't intend to publish the paperback and eBook editions until I have seen the hardback sales statistics in early March. At present, I don't appear to have sold any copies other than via Lulu ... and yet there are two reviews on Amazon by people who have bought the book from them!

      You can rest assured that as the owner of a hardback copy, you will be a member of pretty unique bunch of readers for at least a few more weeks.

      All the best,


    2. I'm an Amazon purchaser & reviewer, so I can vouch for sales having occurred.

    3. Trebian,

      I only wish that Amazon were a bit more efficient, but I suspect that the delay in passing on sales figures (and related payments) is part of their business model. That way they have the sales income in their bank account for up to eight weeks before they have to hand it over.

      All the best,



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