Thursday, 8 February 2018

Oops! A minor mistake discovered!

Whilst creating a second chart to show my book sales, I realised that I had transposed the number of book sales for BROTHERS IN ARMS AND BROTHERS IN THE LODGE. The original chart should therefore have looked like this:

The second chart that I created showed the total book sales for each title, with each format in a different colour.

Although I like the simplicity of the first chart, it is getting rather crowded. As a result I think that I will switch to the second style of chart in future as it conveys the same information whilst allowing space for additional titles to be added as and when they are published.


  1. Statistics, fatistics, no-one ever believes them anyway.

  2. I do like the second chart better. Thanks.

    1. Steve Hartsell,

      Thanks for your feedback. I think that the second chart is the style I will use in future.

      All the best,



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