Sunday, 16 December 2018

The Toulon Naval Museum: Early steamships and nineteenth century light craft

The French Navy adopted steam power early in the nineteenth century, and the museum has several models of early steamships on display.

Sphinx (Paddle Despatch Boat: 1829 – 1845)

Tibre (Paddle Despatch Boat: c1850)

She was originally part of the navy of the Papal States.

Napoleon (90-gun Steam Ship-of-the-Line: 1850 – 1876)

L'Inconstant (Despatch Boat: 1882 – 1927)

L'Éclaireur (3rd-class Cruiser/1st-class Despatch Boat: 1877 – 1902)

They museum also has a number of models of smaller nineteenth century warships of show.

Brig-of-War (20-gun Brig: c1830)

Chaloupe (Light Inshore Gunboat: c1862)

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