Friday, 21 February 2020

Soldiers of the Queen (SOTQ): Issue 176

I ahd only been back from our recent cruise when the latest copy of SOTQ (Soldiers of the Queen, the quarterly journal of the Victorian Military Society) arrived in the post.

As usual, the eclectic mix of articles in this issue were of great interest me, even if they did not all cover areas of military history that I normally want to read about.
  • 'Shot by a Fanatic': The Life and Death of Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Henry Le Marchant (1853 - 1899) by Dr Andrew Windrow
  • The Incidents at Kurnool and Truckee by David Howell
  • The Road to iSandlwana 2019 - Brecon 2019 by Tim Rose
  • The Military Police during Queen Victoria's Reign by Toby Brayley
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Can it be diagnosed retrospectively? by John Sly
  • Book Reviews by Roger T Stearn, Rodney Atwood, and Harold E Raugh Jr
  • Officers of the Victorian Military Society

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