Thursday, 21 May 2020

Some renovated 20mm-scale Russian World War Two anti-tank guns

The Russians were great believers in the use of artillery, and it is therefore not surprising that I have quite a few Russian guns in my 20mm-scale World War Two collection. I have just begun renovating them for my Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War project, and so far, I have completed a number of anti-tank guns.

They are models of the M1937/53-K 45mm anti-tank gun that was developed from the licence-build copy of the German 37mm Pak36 and used by the Russians throughout the war. I think that majority of the models were manufactured by Skytrex, although one of them (which is slightly smaller than the rest and might actually be a 37mm M1930/1-K anti-tank gun) might have been made by Irregular Miniatures.


  1. HI BOB,
    Good to see your making headway with your WW2 Project- the Russian Anti-Tank guns look excellent. Trust you have the necessary crews for the guns. Cheers. KEV.

    1. Kev Robertson (Kev),

      Cheers! I have a batch of heavier guns on my work table awaiting renovation ... and enough gunners to crew them are next in line for treatment.

      All the best,



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