Monday, 10 August 2020

A map for my first Red Flags & Iron Crosses play-test battle

It took me less than ten minutes to use my new PowerPoint square grid master map to create a map for my first Red Flags & iron Crosses play-test battle.

I used the terrain generation system outlined in THE PORTABLE COLONIAL WARGAME to create a black and white map of a cultivated are within the coniferous steppe part of Russia. I then pasted it into MS Paint, where I tidied up a few minor errors (i.e. where I had not lined up the terrain squares exactly on the MS PowerPoint grid) and then added some colour. The resultant map looked like this:

The Germans will be advancing from the bottom edge of the map, and the Russian units will be located randomly using the system for locating hills etc., as outlined in THE PORTABLE COLONIAL WARGAME.


  1. I'm interested in the random placement of units, Bob. Did you use any additions to the PCW system of hill placement?

    1. Maudlin Jack Tar,

      I’m intending to use a D6 die to determine the row each unit’s position will count from, and then 2D6 to count across from there. Therefore a D6 die score of 4 would mean the unit will count from the fourth row down on the left hand side of the map, and a 2D6 score of 12 would place the unit atop the hill (i.e. 8 columns across to the right, down onto the next row, and 4 columns back towards the left).

      This randomised placement is to reflect the fact that the Russians are in the midst of mobilising, and are not yet in the best defensive positions.

      All the best,



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