Friday, 14 August 2020

Maigret et Moi: Part 5

Back in February, I wrote about my love of the Maigret books written by Georges Simenon. At the time I wrote:
'I still have some way to go before I have read all the books, but I seriously hope to manage this task over the next few years.'
Well, thanks to the pandemic and the extended period of time I have spent at home since then, I have almost managed to achieve that ambition. I have certainly read all of the novels and some of the short stories, but many of the latter are difficult to find copies of at a price that I can afford. For example, I found a second-hand, hardback copy of all the Maigret short stories online ... but it was priced at over £900.00!

I will wait until the short stories become available in a more affordable format before I read them. In the meantime, I'm off to read several other books which have been sitting in a pile next to my bed awaiting my attention for some time.

Georges Simenon, the creator of Chief Inspector Jules Maigret.

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