Thursday, 24 June 2021

Still very busy ... but gradually getting there!

I am still busy working on my two projects and the final administration tasks for COW (the Conference of Wargamers) ... but I am making loads of progress!

The latest units (five infantry units) for my FUNNY LITTLE WAR/PORTABLE WARGAME Army Black have been fixed to their bases, and the edges of the bases have been painted black. All that needs to be done to complete them is for the bases to be flocked with neutral-coloured finely-ground cork particles.

I am in the very final stages of finishing the final draft of the text of ARRIBA ESPANA! At Arthur Harman's suggestion, I am adding a short section that explains how the scenario maps in the book, which are designed to work with THE PORTABLE SPANISH CIVIL WAR WARGAME rules, can be adapted to work with the original rules in ARRIBA ESPANA! This has involved re-drawing a couple of the scenario maps to show:

  • What they would look like if not used with a gridded tabletop and
  • What the terrain would look like if it was recreated using the Hexon II terrain system on a much larger tabletop.

The last administration task I have to complete for COW is to sort out the attendee's choices of meals and to pass that information onto Knuston Hall. Most attendees have already responded, and I only need a few more to tell me what they want to eat from the menu.

I am still very busy ... but as you will have gathered, I am getting there!


  1. It’s good to hear that this year's COW will be at Knutson. I only went twice when I still lived in Sheffield (thanks for the lift Tim) and enjoyed myself thoroughly. WD changed my wargaming dramatically from the big table ‘glossy’ game to something a lot more intellectually stimulating. I hope it’s a success.

    1. Steve8,

      Going to COW has that affect on quite a few wargamers. Many leave after their first time inspired to look at the hobby in a completely different way. It’s why it is such an important annual event.

      All the best,



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