Thursday, 4 November 2021

I am going to … the Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre

In 2017 the National Maritime Museum opened a storage and conservation centre not far from Kidbrooke Railway Station in Blackheath, South East London. It was named in honour of the late Prince Philip, who had became a Trustee of the National Maritime Museum in 1948, then the Museum’s ‘senior Trustee’ in 1974, and the first Royal Patron of the museum in 2000.

The centre runs a two-hour-long behind the scenes tours on the afternoon of the first Thursday of each month. It costs £16.00 each to do the tour, and Sue and I booked on today’s tour. I will be allowed to take photographs inside the centre, but one of the booking conditions forbids me from sharing them on public media. I will, however, write a blog post about what we see.

Please note that the photograph featured above ais © Stride Trelown, the architects who designed the Centre.


  1. I hope you enjoyed the trip, Bob…and hopefully made sketches, in lieu of being allowed to take photographs 🙃

    1. Martin S,

      We enjoyed our trip, and the staff had no problem with me taking general photographs (which I have used in today’s blog post) as long as I didn’t photograph particular artefacts.

      All the best,



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