Sunday, 26 December 2021

A big 'Thank You!' ... and the impact of the Omicron variant

I would like to thank everyone who sent me best wishes for Christmas in reply to yesterday's blog post. I will be replying to each comment as and when the time and opportunity arises.

We had a quiet Christmas, and only ventured outdoors to go to a local restaurant for Christmas Lunch. We have been there several times before at this time of year, but yesterday it was comparatively empty, mainly due to the large number of cancelations that had been made since last Monday as a result of the increased number of COVID-19 Omicron infections in our area.

The following graph was produced by the COVID-19 monitoring project that Sue and I are taking part in, and it shows the level of infections in the Royal Borough of Greenwich as of 23rd December 2021.

Graph is © ZOE COVID Study and was produced using data analysed by a joint team from ZOE and King's College London.

It is worth noting that it is estimated that there are 282,800 people currently living in Greenwich, and that 9,686 represents 3.42% of the population.

We are hoping that the massive rise in the number of people who have been fully vaccinated and boosted in our area will help to stem this rise as many of our local services (e.g. the National Health Service, the Royal Mail, local shops etc.) are coming under increasing pressure due to increased demand for their services at a time of high employee absentee rates due to the need to isolate after testing positive for COVID-19.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and Sue.

    Our youngest daughter works in hospitality at the local Beefeater. Yesterday she said was frantic with 240 covers served pre booked with no cancellations. Same again today. We're just about 20 miles down the A2 from you here Bob, I hear London has been quieter? 13 of us for dinner yesterday including the five Grandchildren, the 'C' word was not mentioned once!

    1. Lee,

      The situation in our part of London is getting quite dire, and the actuality of its seriousness is not born out by the published data. The ZOE/King's College figures are at least two days behind the actual number of infections, and they state that there were over 170,000 new infections on Christmas Eve. I hate to think how many people will be ill by New Years Eve.

      It sounds as if you had a very lively Christmas, and I hope that you had a wonderful time.

      Keep safe and keep well,



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