Thursday, 19 May 2022

Two more books are now available in PDF format

I have added another two books in PDF format to the list that are currently available from Wargames Vault. They are:

A Winter-ish War

Trouble in Zubia

This pretty well concludes the process of migrating PDF editions of my wargame books over to Wargames Vault. I may add HEXBLITZ and LA ULTIMA CRUZADA at some point in the future, but I am unsure when that might be.


  1. Hi Bob. I am probably being thick but I couldn't find the Winter-ish War on Wargames Vault and it doesn't seem to be listed under publications on this blog?


    1. Simon,

      I’ve just checked … and both of the new books are on sale. A WINTER-ISH WAR is here = and TROUBLE IN ZUBIA is here

      I hope that helps.

      All the best,



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