Monday 10 June 2024

Nuggets 362 and 363

Over the past two months the editor of THE NUGGET has sent me the originals of the last two issues of THE NUGGET for printing, and now that I am beginning to recover from my broken leg, I have sent them to the printer. I hope that they will be printed and ready for collection by later this week so that I can post them out by the following weekend.

IMPORTANT: Please note that these are the eighth and ninth (and therefore the last) issues of THE NUGGET to be published for the 2023-2024 subscription year.

If you wish to subscribe for the 2024-2025 subscription year, please request a PayPal invoice or the bank transfer information from the Treasurer or follow the instructions on the relevant page of the website.


  1. Hola Bob

    Quisiera preguntarte si tenéis edición en Español o en algún formato que pueda traducir (como con traductor de google o algo así).

    Muchas gracias Bob. Mis mejores deseos.


    1. MM,

      Lamentablemente no producimos una traducción al español de The Nugget. Intenté ver si el traductor de Google funciona con la descarga del PDF, pero no puedo hacerlo funcionar.

      Perdón por esto,


    2. Muchas gracias por su respuesta Bob. No has de disculparte.
      Un abrazo.

  2. Replies
    1. Geordie and Exiled FoG,

      There will be a further update tomorrow!

      All the best,



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