Saturday, 26 September 2009

Driving … can give you time to think

I do some of my best thinking … whilst I am driving.

Don’t get me wrong … I concentrate on what I am doing when I am driving … but for some reason it is often whilst I am driving that my subconscious seems to be able to process all the possible solutions to a problem … and suddenly an answer comes into my mind!

This happened today. As it was Saturday my wife and I had the weekly shopping to do as well as paying a visit to my father – who lives in South East Essex – and to my father-in-law – who lives in North East Kent. As a result I spent quite a lot of time today driving along the main roads of Kent and Essex.

As will be obvious from my earlier blog entry of today, I have been having problems with choosing a layout for the next draft of WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! It has been occupying a lot of my thoughts – and time – over the past few days, and I could not seem to find a solution.

On the drive back from Kent earlier this evening it suddenly struck me that rather than try to sort out a layout for the full version of the rules, why didn't I experiment with the Colonial version first. If I could get that right, the full version would be much easier to do … and this is the course of action I have decided upon.

Decision made! … and work on the latest draft of WHEN EMPIRES CLASH! – COLONIAL VARIANT starts tomorrow!


  1. It's cycling with me - but the end effect is the same - there's something about the metronome effect of the legs going round that allows me to think deep thoughts and sort out all sorts of problems!

  2. Steve,

    One of the greatest problems with modern society is actually being able to give yourself time to THINK. The tsunami of information we all have to process on a daily basis is a problem.

    It is called 'information overload', and yet we are expected to read, understand, and assimilate it all ... and react to it.

    Doing something that some people might call 'mindless' (i.e. driving or cycling) gives our brains time to process information ... and then come up with workable, viable solutions.

    All the best,


    PS. Keep cycling!


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