Saturday, 12 September 2009

My collection of pre-painted model buildings

Over the past two years I have been collecting small, pre-painted resin buildings that might be suitable for wargaming. I have bought most of my collection in Croatia, although this year I was able to add some building from Greece and Denmark.

For the first time I sat down to day to catalogue what I actually owned, and here are individual examples of the buildings I have bought in Croatia (the number above each building indicates how many of each model that I own).

Note: The figure of a 15mm scale Essex Egyptian Officer has been included in each picture to give some idea of the size of each building.

In total there are forty two model buildings in my collection of Croatian buildings, to which can be added the six buildings bought in Greece, the six town houses acquired in Denmark, and the two dock/landing stages that were purchased in Croatia. Incidentally, the two towers that I bought at the same time as the two dock/landing stages turned out to be made of Plaster of Paris, and are already showing signs that they will not stand up to the rigours of the wargames battlefield.

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