Friday, 9 April 2010

Perhaps tomorrow ...

Well I never quite managed to get round to running the play-test of the latest draft of the 'Modern' period wargames rules that I had planned for today. My persistent cold left me feeling very unwell ... and then I had to drive to Maidstone (a round trip of over 60 miles) to collect a new piece of furniture that we had ordered. By the time I got back, had lunch, and completed several other domestic chores, my day was pretty well over.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better ... you never know ...


  1. Hope you feel better soon Bob...I've been following your posts with great interest!

  2. Littlejohn,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Well I managed the first good night's sleep for some time last night, and have woken up feeling a bit better this morning. With a bit of luck I might actually get to play-test the rules later ... assuming my wife does not find me something 'better' to do!

    All the best,


  3. I was struck by your wording "...a round trip of over 60 miles." In my neck of the woods, thanks in large part to the goofy way we've laid out our cities, a trip like that would be considered nothing. I commute a total of 88 miles per day--which is not to say I like it! My son is smarter: he found a house about a mile from where he works. Of course, he spent a term studying at Oxford, and that maybe opened his eyes...

    I'm reminded of the old adage: the difference between an American and an Englishman is that an Englishman considers 100 miles to be a long way, while an American considers 100 years to be a long time.

    Anyway, hope you're on the mend.

  4. Chris J,

    It is not the distance that is the problem, it is the fact that it takes so long to make the journey there and back. Because so many UK towns and cities cram a lot into quite a small area, the roads in them are often narrow and filled with traffic. Add to that the problem of finding anywhere to park and a 60 mile round trip can become a nightmare. Yesterday it took me 40 minutes to find somewhere to park (i.e. to do the last mile of my journey); that is the same amount of time it took me to drive the first 29 miles of the journey!

    I commute six mile to work in London, and that can take me anything between 25 minutes and 2.5 hours depending upon roadworks and road accidents. I would use public transport ... but it takes just as long!

    Tomorrow I have to drive to Southampton (a journey of about 130 miles). Most of it will be along motorways and should take me about 2.5 hours. I have to set aside 5 hours just in case of traffic holdups as there is no viable alternative route.

    Ah! The modern world, where everything is so efficient and so fast!

    All the best,



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