Friday, 23 April 2010

Salute is on tomorrow

I shall be going to Salute tomorrow ... and for the first time in years it will be as a normal punter and not as someone who is putting on a game.

For some years I have helped to run the games put on at Salute by the members of Wargame Developments, but this year – for some reason best know to the South London Warlords – we were not invited to do so. This will give me the opportunity to spend some time looking at the various trader stands that are there – and possibly making a few purchases – as well as at the games that are being put on. I will take my camera with me, and with a bit of luck I should be able to write a blog entry sometime over the weekend about what I see and do.

Now where did I put my wallet?


  1. Bob,

    Those of us, like myself, who are in the far hinterlands of the Earth will never get to attend a major show like Salute.

    So we depend upon netfriends like you to share your experiences and photos so that we can at least have a taste of the show.

    I look forward to your photos and accounts . . . and please remember to have fun!

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Bob

    Hope you enjoy Salute.

    I have put on games for the last 10 years, but am taking a year off this time!

    I look forward to all the photos that arebound to appear over the internet from Saturday evening onwards.

    Safe journey!

  3. Bob,

    It sounds as though you might actually have a better time. I rarely play anything at conventions; I run the flea market (more or less bring-and-buy to you chaps) at Historicon, I used to run a program there for kids, and I have often put on games. But I rarely play, as I cannot hear well, and the tension in the general atmosphere is often thicker than fog. Worse, an unfortunate number of the guys I wind up playing with/against are either rules lawyers, know-it-alls, and/or very, very concerned with winning. Feh--that's not what the hobby is supposed to be about, at least for me. So, I walk around, talk to people, buy more than I should, sell less than I wish, and get away from the rat race for a couple of days.

    Have a good time at Salute!


  4. Bluebear Jeff, Steve, and Chris,

    I am looking forward to having some time to look around, as usually that is not something that I am ever able to do. It will also give me time to chat with the many wargamers I know who will be there, which is also something that I am not always able to do.

    I have missed not getting a game sorted out ... but in other ways this has been a blessing.

    I hope to leave in the enxt 30 minutes or so, and if the traffic is flowing easily I should be at ExCel in time to get a bite to eat before the doors open.

    One reason to go early today is that the venue - the ExCel - is being used as the location for runners in tomorrow's London Marathon to collect their numbers etc. The thought of having to fight my way through thousands of very fit people to get to Salute and then hundreds of not very fit wargamers to get in - to say the least - interesting.

    All the best,


  5. Bob - make sure you go in the correct hall. I hate the thought of you having to run the marathon due to a navigational error..

  6. Tim,

    I wondered why the goody bag did not have the much promised girl and robot figures and the show guide.

    Better luck next year ... assuming I survive the run tomorrow!

    All the best,



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