Sunday, 27 June 2010

Paddy Griffith: Comments

I always try to reply to comments made about my blog entries ... but over the past few days I have broken this self-imposed 'rule'.

There have been many people who have wanted to make comments about Paddy in reply to my blog and the various other places on the Internet where tributes are being made. I decided that such comments should be left as they are because they needed no reply from me. Eventually I hope to pass them on to his family so that they read them and gain strength from the deep regard that so many wargamers had for him.

I knew Paddy quite well, but many people only knew him through his writings. I understand that the Vintage Wargaming website has made several of his articles from the WARGAMER'S NEWSLETTER and MINIATURE WARFARE available, and I will be discussing with my colleagues in Wargame Developments whether or not it will be possible to do the same for his articles in THE NUGGET.

1 comment:

  1. Gone but certainly not forgotten. And we've still got his words to inspire and inform both us and future generations.
    Cheers Paddy.