Sunday, 20 June 2010

Thank God for the Internet!

Having had several attempts to draw grids onto my cork-covered notice boards, each of which ended in a disaster, I talked to my wife about what to do next. She made several very useful suggestions, such as asking if I could paint the boards and draw new new grids on them or cover the existing grids in some way. She then asked if I had looked on the Internet to see if anyone printed 2-inch grids on fabric.

This sounded such a good idea that I did exactly what she had suggested ... and discovered that somebody did! Chessex make a variety of different vinyl Battlemats that are printed with hexes on one side and squares on the other. I looked at their catalogue and found that they did make Battlemats in the size I wanted and with 2-inch squares/hexes. The only problem was that they are only available in the US and the cost of buying them and shipping them over was just too much and delivery by the time I needed them could not be guaranteed.

So what could I do? Battlemats with 1-inch squares/hexes are available from UK suppliers, and it would only take a very short time just to mark the corners of every other 1-inch square dot drawn with a non-permanent OHP marker pen to indicate the 2-inch grid squares ... so I bought some!

An expensive solution to my problem ... yes ... but a small price to pay to remove what was becoming a major headache!

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