Monday, 18 July 2011

The big 'Spring clean' has begun!

I have begun the process of 'Spring cleaning' my toy/wargames room ... and I have already found things that I had either forgotten I had made or bought.

So far the most important 'finds' have been a big box of Heroscape™ hexed terrain and two large, flocked terrain boards that are marked with a squared grid. They are both 60cms x 90cms (or approximately 2ft x 3ft) and the grid is marked in 7.5cms x 7.5cms (3-inch x 3-inch) squares. I remember making them several years ago, and thought that I had stored them in the garden shed. Evidently I did not, and they have now ‘emerged’ from behind a storage unit.

I have also found several crates full of unmade 20mm-scale model tanks and vehicles, including some that I just do not remember buying! I intend to carry on the process of ‘Spring cleaning’ tomorrow … and I have no idea what I will discover/re-discover as a result.


  1. It really can be frightening to 'rediscover' stuff you had no memory of!

  2. Tim Gow,

    I am beginning to get very frightened indeed! Every box I open seems to contain something that I had 'forgotten' I owned!

    All the best,



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