Thursday, 7 July 2011


Just after I had completed the task of sorting out all the figures I need for my PORTABLE WARGAME session, and I had finished putting them in the newly-purchased plastic trays I was going to transport them in to COW, I had an accident of the sort dreaded by wargamers.

I had the trays in my hands, and turned to put them into the storage box they are designed to go in when, for some inexplicable reason, my left ankle gave way and I began to fall over. As I fell, I dropped the trays … and they landed upside down on the floor of my wargames/toy room. Luckily the thick carpet absorbed most of the impact, but the figures were all jumbled up and – what is worse – some of them were damaged.

I had to spend quite some time re-sorting them and repairing any damage. In the end the only damage that I could not repair was that done to the Austro-Hungarian cannon. Two lost their barrels and one of the others lost a wheel … and it was at this point that I discovered that my stock of superglue was exhausted.

A quick sort through my collection produced four suitable replacements (not totally accurate replacements, but ‘good enough for Government work’ as the saying goes).

Everything is now safely stored in carrying boxes and bags, my luggage is packed, and all I have to do is to put it in the car tomorrow morning. The only problem I have that is not quite so easily solved is my ankle, which is quite sore and slightly swollen. Hopefully it will be better by tomorrow morning, as I don’t relish having to drive my car – which has a manual gearbox and clutch – through heavy traffic going to work and on to Knuston Hall afterwards. A good night’s rest should ensure that it is a lot better by morning, but just in case, I am going to rub some anti-inflammatory cream on it tonight.


  1. Hi Bob,

    It seems like fate has conspired to have another couple of jokes at your expense!

    That is bad news re the figures (of a wince-inducing kind!) and even worse about your ankle!

    Good luck with the medication and try to keep the offending ankle elevated as far as possible - it really does help with the swelling (not hugely practical I know but it is surprisingly effective).

    In any event - have a great time at COW (as I sure you will!) and all the pre-match glitches will seem like a distant memory!

    All the best,


  2. Bob
    hope the night's rest helped and have an excellent time at COW-enjoy!
    best wishes

  3. Ice is good for inhibiting/reducing swelling . . . or use a bag of frozen veggies (frozen peas work very well.

    -- Jeff

  4. David Crook, Tradgardmastare, and Bluebear Jeff,

    Many thanks for your comments and advice.

    The 'damage' to the figures does not look so bad this morning, and my ankle is far less swollen this morning thanks to the anti-inflammatory and rest. Luckily the drive to work was not all 'stop/start' like it has been for the last week, so the ankle has not been stressed too much. I hope that the drive to Knuston will be the same, and by tomorrow the swelling should have totally gone.

    All the best,


  5. Bob

    Enjoy this day, life will change after this.

    All the very best.


  6. Arthur,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I have just said my final goodbyes to my students ... and was very moved by the expressions of good wishes that they made to me. It was very humbling ... and made me feel that all of my efforts over the past few years were more than worthwhile.

    Now I can get on with the rest of my life.

    All the best,



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