Sunday, 17 July 2011

My latest Osprey purchase

Back in December I managed to buy a copy of WORLD WAR II SOVIET ARMED FORCES (1) 1939-41 (MAA 464 by Dr Nigel Thomas and Darko Pavlovic [ISBN 978 84908 400 0]).

The second book in this series about the Soviet Armed Forces during World War II has now been published, and I now have a copy.

WORLD WAR II SOVIET ARMED FORCES (2) 1942-431 (MAA 468 by Dr Nigel Thomas and Darko Pavlovic [ISBN 978 84908 420 8] follows the same basic layout as its predecessor, and traces the organisation and uniforms of the Soviet Armed Forces during the crucial mid-war period.

As an aside, I was once asked why the bulk of my World War II figure collection was made up of Soviet troops. My answer is simple ... they are very quick to paint! The method I use is very simple. I undercoat as normal and top coat in a shade of khaki brown. I then pick out the main details (boots, packs, pouches, hands, faces, weapons etc.) in relevant colours, and once all the the paints have dried for at least 24 hours, I give the figure a coat of Nut Brown Indian ink. The latter dries into all the undercuts and details on the figure, and picks out the creases, edges of belts, eye sockets etc. Once the ink has dried for at least another 24 hours (I prefer to leave it for 48 hours if possible), I then give it a coat of gloss polyurethane varnish to seal the ink onto the figure and to protect it. I then base the figures using whatever method I am currently using.

The results are not individual masterpieces, but on mass they do look quite good.

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