Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Horses ... lots of 'em!

At the beginning of the year The King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery moved from their former base in St John's Wood to Woolwich. Since then I have seen them exercising their horses in and around Woolwich, Blackheath, Greenwich, and Shooters Hill, and once or twice they have actually brought them along the road where I live. Today was once such day ... and for once I had my cameras to hand and was able to take the following photographs from my office window (it is in the loft conversion of my house ... hence the inclusion of red roofing tiles in the photographs).

The middle of the column. Note that the riders who act as drivers each have three horses in hand.
The rear of the column. The front of the column can just be seen in the top left-hand part of the photograph.
It is a magnificent sight to see such a large number of well-groomed and beautiful animals ... and long may they remain a regular sight around where I live.


  1. Ross Mac,

    I had not thought of that when I took the photographs ... but you are absolutely right!

    All the best,