Saturday, 3 March 2012

Slow but steady

I spend the late morning and most of the afternoon driving to and from Herne Bay. My wife and I do this every fortnight or so to check on my father-in-law's bungalow, pick up any post, and do anything that needs doing. Today we paid a visit to the estate agent who is acting for my wife in the sale of her father's home, and we were told that there were several people who had visited the property and expressed an interest in buying it. Whether or not this 'interest' will turn into an offer to purchase has yet to be seen, but at least people are showing an interest ... and that is encouraging.

After lunch at Macari's Ice Cream Parlour (we both had cod and chips ... and the cod tasted very fresh indeed!) ...

... and a spell of retail therapy in Herne Bay's shops (I bought a couple of lengths of 0.5" x 32 x 36" balsa from the local newsagents), we came home and I was able to resume work on my latest ship model.

The progress on this project has been slow but steady. I have built the ship's main turrets, have constructed the upper and lower parts of the hull (it had to be constructed in this fashion so that I could ensure that the very distinctive casemates that house the secondary armament were represented), and begun work on the superstructure. By tomorrow the two parts of the hull will have been joined together and shaped, and I plan to complete as much of the rest of the work as I can by the end of Sunday. Whether I manage it remains to be seen ... but that is the plan that I am trying to stick to.


  1. All this ship talk is obviously dangerous. I just found myself digging out and watching a spotty VHS tape of the Battle of the River Plate just to watch the battle scenes.

    I'll be better in the morning.

  2. Ross Mac,

    It is one of my favourite war films ... and the battle scenes are very well staged!

    I hope that you are over this 'affliction' by the morning ... but I suspect that you will not be!

    All the best,