Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Minor adjustments, major improvements

Before giving my model pre-dreadnought battleship a couple of coats of PVA to seal the wood before I paint it, I decided to make some minor adjustments and alterations to the model.

The most important of these was the shortening of the length of the turrets from 1.25"/31mm to 1"/25mm. This allowed the turrets to be mounted slightly farther back from the bow and stern of the model. I also increased the height of the turrets by 0.125"/3mm. Both these alterations improved the whole look of the model and seemed to make the silhouette more balanced.

I also added a few small details, including a front to the fore bridge (which now has two windows), a single hatch on either side of the aft section of the superstructure, and a hatch on the poop deck. It is surprising how much better the model looked after these details were added.

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