Tuesday, 16 April 2013

COW2002: The Sword in Palestine (or the Barber of Baghdad)

THE BARBER OF BAGHDAD was a wargame set up at COW2002 by Tony Hawkins and I so that we could demonstrate the SWORD IN PALESTINE variant of Larry Brom's THE SWORD AND THE FLAME rules.

The battle revolved around an Anglo-Arab raid on a Turkish train ... that was carrying the favourite barber of the Turkish General in charge of the defence of Baghdad. (The scenario might not have been a great one, but the battle was!)

The battlefield.

The oasis ... where the train stopped to take on water.

When the train stopped the troops it was carrying deployed to defend it.

The train's defenders included Infantry, a Machine Gun, and a Field Gun.

A column of Turkish Infantry.

The Turkish Field Gun and crew.

The Turkish Field Gun was mounted on the leading waggon of the train.

The defenders deployed to meet the threat of an Arab attack.

Turkish Infantry moving towards a sand dune.

Some of the Turkish Infantry moved along the road ... but suffered casualties from Arab gunfire.

Some of the Turks took cover by the oasis.

British Rolls Royce Armoured Cars.

Arab Cavalry.

The Arabs moved forward with their Cavalry on the left.

Two Turkish Lancers mounted a counter-attack. The odds were not in their favour ... but you could not fault their bravery!

The Turkish Lancers ... or – more accurately – a Turkish Lancer and an Officer!

Having give the Arabs a nasty shock, the Turkish Lancers withdrew to safety ...

... at the oasis.


  1. Great stuff! I've always been in two minds about TSATF. Do you have any earlier scenarios squirrelled away?

  2. Love the train, always a good setting for a game. I miss my 15mm Lawrence set up which I sold a few years ago, Hopefully someone is having fun with them.

    I had the very great pleasure of playing against Larry Brom in a TSATF Sudan game at Cold Wars a few years back. None better. Gracious loser too.

  3. Conrad Kinch,

    TSATF is a good set of rules that have survived the test of time.

    Funny that you should ask that … because I have, and I will get in contact with you with some further details in the near future.

    All the best,


  4. Ross Mac,
    Trains and wargames have always been things that I think go well together … and in this scenario they did so particularly well.

    I envy you’re having met and wargamed with the great Larry Brom. I have corresponded with him by email in the past, and think that TSATF deserves the dominance it has had for so long amongst colonial wargamers.

    All the best,


  5. Hi Bob, this looks like a really fun game! I'd love to try out this scenario as well as any other Palastine scenarios you may be willing to share. I've loved TSATF since the mid 1980's. Would you be willing to send me the scenario details as well?

    1. Sgt. Guinness (JB),

      I've had a trawl though my files but unfortunately I cannot find any of the details relating to this scenario. What I do remember was that we used Tony Hawkins's newly acquired collection of World War I Turkish and Arab Revolt figures and some Hornby railways bits and pieces. If I find anything anywhere, I'll email it on to you.

      All the best,