Tuesday, 30 April 2013

COW2005: The Guns of Toblerone (or who do you think will play me in the film?)

Every so often one has the opportunity to take part in a wargame that stands out as being exceptionally memorable ... and one of those games was Ian Drury's THE GUNS OF TOBLERONE. It was a role-play game ... and the players really threw themselves into it. Needless to say, it was more Hollywood than reality ... but it was tremendous fun!

Ian Drury sets out the terrain.

The intrepid SOE team prepare to 'take off' in their 'borrowed' Ju82 ... humming the tune from 'Where Eagles Dare'. Trebian (near right) seems half asleep, Martin Rapier (near left) looks apprehensive, Tim Gow (in the green shirt) laughs in the face of danger ... and I am sat behind Tim with my arms crossed!

Gavascone, the main town and seaport of Toblerone.

The Guns of Toblerone ... which had to be destroyed!

Part of the objective: the Eagles Nest, headquarters of the German garrison on Toblerone.

The olive groves ... where dirty deeds might (or might not) have taken palce!

The bridge, over which the survivors made their escape. I seem to remember that a motorcycle was crashed during the process ... but I may be wrong.

The centre of one of the main towns on Toblerone. Stavros' Bar was the rendevous point for the SOE team to meet the leader of the local resistance group.

The airfield ... where a Ju82 might just be waiting to land in order to pick up any survivors.

Trebian making a point ... but I cannot remember what it was.


  1. Great looking game and some seriously nostalgic Airfix kit on show...

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  3. Tradgardmastare,

    It was a truly memorable game … and it did provide an excellent excuse to use all those wonderful old Airfix models.

    All the best,


  4. Jiaqi,

    I am very pleased to read that you liked this particular blog entry, and I will certainly pay your blog a visit as soon as I can.

    All the best,



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