Thursday, 2 May 2013

SALUTE 2006: Red Flags & Iron Crosses

During 2006 I worked on a set of World War II rules that were designed so that it was possible to fight small World War II Ostfront battles between Axis and Soviet forces. The title of the rules was RED FLAGS & IRON CROSSES.

The duration of the sort of action they were supposed to portray was about an hour or so, and that was roughly how long the games took to play. They were designed to be used with 20mm scale figures and vehicles, and made use of my (then) newly-acquired Hexon II terrain. I demonstrated the draft version of the rules at SALUTE 2006, and a more polished and complete version at COW2006.

The following photographs were taken at SALUTE 2006.

Soviet infantry and armour move forward. 

The Soviets have already run into trouble. The Commander has been 'disrupted' and this will affect his ability to move and fight.

The Soviet attackers have overwhelming firepower but are having problems dislodging their German opponents.

The Soviet troops attempted to outflank the German defences.

The Soviets lost one of their T-34/85s during the fighting.

The Germans have been pushed back and both their tanks have been 'disrupted'.
In the end sheer weight of numbers prevailed ... but the Soviet victory was not achieved without losses.

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