Tuesday, 7 May 2013

COW2008: Redcoats and Rajahs (or the Battle of Sobraon)

The other memorable game put on by Ian Drury at COW2008 was a recreation of the BATTLE OF SOBRAON using his REDCOATS AND RAJAHS rules. The actual battle took place on 10th February 1846, and was fought between the army of the British East India Company and the Sikh Khalsa Army. It was the decisive battle of the First Anglo-Sikh War, and resulted in the defeat of the Sikhs.

The battlefield of Sobraon.

Part of the army of the British East India Company.

The right flank of the Sikh Army.

The British East India Company's artillery ... which is drawn by bullocks.

The centre of the Sikh defences.

The Sikh defeat began when units of the British East India Company's army broke through the left flank of the Sikh defences.

At the same time other units of the British East India Company attacked the right hand flank of the Sikh defences.

With their defences collapsing, the Sikhs began to fall back.


  1. You cannot beat a spot of the Sixes! Actually looking into the TSATF sourcebook from Colonial Campaigns for this particular conflict at the moment.

  2. I wonder if one has to have the Sikh side take a “perfidy roll” since that was a major factor in the battle, which would remove or displace part of the Sikh forces out of combat. It’s hard to win a battle when your commander really wants you to lose.

    Additionally, I draw gamer’s attention to George Macdonald Fraser’s book, Flashman and the Mountain of Light, while fictional has a strong historical basis and quite amusing to read.

  3. Conrad Kinch,

    The Sikh Wars are a much under-wargamed period of history, and deserve greater attention … and for those interested in Napoleonics it is an ideal introduction to the Colonial period.

    All the best,


  4. CoastConFan,

    I think that this perfidy was factored into Ian Drury’s rules.

    George Macdonald Fraser’s books are excellent examples of historical fiction. He was well-known for undertaking fastidious and extensive historical research before he wrote his books, and MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT is – in my opinion – one of his best.

    All the best,