Sunday, 5 May 2013

COW2006: Airsoft

Not all sessions at the Conference of Wargames are based indoors, and in 2006 we ran our first Airsoft session in the grounds of the venue. (The grounds are private property and therefore no members of the public could see what was taking place. We did, however, make sure that the local police were informed ... just in case!)

This was a rather experimental session as very few of us had any proper 'kit' ... and that included the Airsoft guns that we were using. As a result we ended up looking like a rather motely group ...

We did learn some useful lessons from the session, and for those who had even the most basic military training it was a practical reminder of some fieldcraft we were supposed to have learned (e.g. even a dip of less that 12" can give a lot of cover when one is being fired at).


  1. Looks like a Serb militia to me.

    Airsoft, if played using section level battle drills, can teach some real lessons. e.g. the need to win the firefight before moving. Most combat happens just outside of effective weapon range.

  2. John Curry,

    They certainly did look like a dastardly bunch of ruffians!

    I agree that Airsoft does have some distinct possibilities as a training aid and to as a means by which people can learn some important tactical lessons.

    All the best,