Saturday, 26 July 2014

Les Higgins Miniatures: Marlburians and other War of the Spanish Succession ranges

After one of my recent blog entries in which I mentioned Les Higgins Miniatures, I received a very nice email from John Cunningham (AKA Old John) about the Marlburian and other War of the Spanish Succession ranges that were modelled and produced by Less Higgins. I understand that John has the moulds for the following Less Higgins Miniatures as well as several other smaller ranges of compatible figures:

  • MP 1: Grenadier march attack
  • MP 2: Grenadier at ease
  • MP 3: Grenadier throwing grenade
  • MP 4: Grenadier port arms
  • MP 5: Grenadier standing firing
  • MP 6: Grenadier advance/thrusting
  • MP 7: Grenadier charging
  • MP 8: Grenadier loading
  • MP 9: Grenadier kneeling firing
  • MP 10: Musketeer loading
  • MP 11: Musketeer march attack
  • MP 12: Musketeer standing firing
  • MP 13: Musketeer kneeling firing
  • MP 14: Musketeer advance/thrusting
  • MP 15: Musketeer at ease
  • MP 16: Musketeer port arms
  • MP 17a: Grenadier Officer waving sword
  • MP 17b: Musketeer Officer waving sword
  • MP 18a: Musketeer Drummer
  • MP 18b: Grenadier Drummer
  • MP 19a: Officer with spontoon
  • MP 19b: Senior Officer (fat)
  • MP 19c: Standard Bearer
  • MP 19d: NCO (same as 20c)
  • MP 20a: Gunner with scoop
  • MP 20b: Gunner with rammer
  • MP 20c: Gunner NCO (same as 19d)
  • MP 20d: Gunner with linstock
  • MP 21: Dragoon tricorne mounted
  • MP 22: Trooper of Horse mounted
  • MP 23: General mounted
  • MP 24: Mounted Grenadier
  • MP 25: Imperial Grenadier at ease
  • MP 26: Dismounted Dragoon cap kneeling firing
  • MP 27: Dismounted Dragoon tricorne standing firing
  • MP 28: Mounted Dragoon cap
  • MP 29: Cuirassier lobster pot helmet, pistol
  • MP 30: Hussar
  • MP 31: Cuirassier in tricorne
  • MP 32: Mounted Trumpeter
  • MP 33: Cuirassier Officer tricorne
  • MP 34: Musketeer Drummer variant, different coat
  • MP 35: Musketeer no weapon, general use
  • MP 36: As MP 35, musket over left shoulder
  • MP 38: Musketeer charging
  • MP 39: Officer on foot, ornate coat, waving sword
  • MP 40: Pikeman/Standard Bearer
  • MP 41: Musketeer Drummer variant
  • MP 42: Charging fur fronted cap
  • MP 43: Musketeer advancing
  • MP 44: Grenadier charging full mitre cap
  • MP 45a: Charging fur fronted cap (small)
  • MP 45b: Charging fur fronted cap (medium)
  • MP 45c: Charging fur fronted cap (large)
  • MP 46: Officer variant of MP 19a, slightly different sword hilt
  • MP 47: Officer variant of MP 19a, more ornate wig
  • MP 48: Drummer variant fur cap with tassel
  • Type A: Standing/walking
  • Type B: Galloping
  • Type C: Trot
  • Type D: As Type A larger pistol holsters EP 23
  • Type E: As Type C larger pistol holsters EP 24
  • Type F: As Type A with food/loot bags EP 27
Artillery (Gun set consists of gun barrel, wedge, gun carriage, 2 wheels, ammo box)
  • A 1: Gun barrel medium
  • A 2: Gun barrel large
  • A 3: Gun barrel small (ECW)
  • A 5: Gun Carriage
  • A 6: Wheel
  • A 7: Ammo box small
  • A 8: Ammo box large
  • A 9: Wedges for guns
  • A 10: Wheel (ECW)
I used to have a small army of these figures, but most of them were sold when I was trying to raise money for the deposit on the first house my wife and I bought. All I have left are the few that I photographed recently.


  1. It would be good to see these back in production

  2. Andrew Saunders,

    As fas as I understand John Cunningham can cast the figures to order.

    All the best,


  3. Very many thanks for posting about my ranges, already had one enquiry,also available a greatly expanded Les Higgins ECW range, Douglas Miniatures Crimea & Nap ranges,Wodensfeld ACW & SYW French as well as many other old figures,all 20mm
    been producing them for nearly 10 years and plenty in stock :-))

    cheers Old John (aka The Evil Influence)

  4. see

    for pics of DM Crimea

    cheers Old John

  5. Old John,

    Glad to have been of help.

    I also had some of the Douglas Miniatures Crimean War range, and liked them a lot.

    All the best,


  6. Old John,

    Thanks for the link to the pictures of the Douglas Miniatures. They showed how good the range was.

    All the best,



    for pics of the old Les Higgins ranges

    cheers Old John

  8. for Douglas Miniatures pics

  9. they are great figures and John is an excellent person to deal with- most helpful in deed.
    I often think old school 20 mms are the way forward- simple,elegent,easer for old eyes to paint and they have a "presence" en masse and individually.

  10. Hi Bob,

    Enjoyed following your exploits in clearing out the shed :-)

    Just to add to the above re Old John's 20mm ranges - I have been painting for John for quite some time now and those Marlburians are great figures and paint up very well. This is a link to some of the work I have done for him and a list of ranges:

    I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Severndroog post a couple of days back as I have known it since childhood and spent many happy years walking my dogs in Oxleas woods, its a very special place for me too :-) Great to see it open again.

    All the best Bob,


  11. Old John,

    I am going to add the two links you have included in your comments to a blog entry that I will write later today.

    All the best,


  12. Tradgardmastare,

    My first metal figures were 20mm-scale, and they are still my favourite scale for exactly the reasons you state.

    All the best,


  13. 'Lee,

    Thanks very much for the link. I have visited your blog to look at the figures you have painted ... and they are wonderful!

    I am pleased that you enjoyed the blog entry about Severndroog Castle. I hope to visit it again when it is not quite so crowded!l

    All the best,