Thursday, 10 July 2014

Preparing for COW2014

The annual conference of Wargame Developments – which is better know as COW (the Conference of Wargamers) – takes place this weekend, and I have just finished getting together all the wargames stuff I will need.

This year I am not running a session, but I am taking some figures and model ships along so that I can take part in a couple of the sessions. The model ships are two aircraft carriers – one that I bought and one that I scratch-built – whereas the figures (and their associated artillery) are from my collection of Britains 54mm-scale figures.

Hopefully the weather will remain fine all weekend (historically COW weekend always seems to enjoy good weather) and from the look of the programme there will be lots to do. As important as the sessions are, meeting up with the other attendees and exchanging ideas is probably the thing that makes COW different from other wargaming shows and conventions, and it is not unusual to find people sitting outside or in the main hall talking well into the night.

I will write a report about COW2014 after I get back ... once I have recovered from a weekend of wargaming!

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