Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Shed: The box of mainly painted figures

One of the first boxes that I found when I began sorting out the shed contained a number of painted figures. I recognised some of them as being old Minifigs and some as being Hinton Hunt figures that I bought back in 1968!

I have now had the opportunity to begin sorting out the contents of the box, and what I found surprised me.

In one corner of the box were a number of Crimean Wars Minifigs that are – I understand – old 'S' Range figures. I have no recollection of buying them, but I suspect that I may have made the purchase in Eric Knowles' shop in the early 1980s.

Also in the box were some old Minifigs 'S' Range Prussian Napoleonic figures that I bought and painted in my late teens (i.e. the late 1960s). They look rather dark in colour ... but they seem to have survived their incarceration fairly well, and here has been little damage to their paintwork.

There were also a number of badly painted Hinton Hunt British Crimean War Guard and Line Infantry figures (and a very odd looking Lancer!) ...

... and they are accompanied by some equally badly painted French Crimean War Infantry from another of the early figure manufacturers ... Douglas Miniatures.

The final figures that I have sorted out are an odd collection of badly painted metal Napoleonic figures that may well be early Minifigs ... with the odd Hinton Hunt figure thrown in for good measure. I have yet to sort out the remaining figures in the box ... but I will write a further blog entry when I do.


  1. Love the Hinton Hunt British Guards! The lancer appears to be a HH conversion - did you do it yourself?


  2. Stryker (Ian),

    The Hinton Hunt figures were - when the moulds were still in good condition - very good.

    As far as I can remember, the Lancer was from Hinton Hunt's Crimean War range. I certainly don't remember converting it ... other than painting it very badly!

    All the best,


  3. that lancer is a HH Nap Prussian Uhlan, afraid HH only ever did a two piece Brit lancer
    cheers Old John

  4. Old John,

    Thanks for clearing that up. I remember buying the lancer when I bought the Crimean War figures, and assumed that it was a British Lancer.

    All the best,



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