Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Back home ... and not a (w)hole lot has happened whilst we have been away

Sue and I returned from a cruise to Norway earlier today, and I will be writing a blog entry about where we went and what we saw as soon as life returns to normal (i.e. when we have unpacked our luggage, done all the washing, and put our newly-clean holiday clothes away until our next cruise).

Whilst we have been away the hole in the road outside our neighbour's house has not been dealt with. All that seems to have happened is that more traffic cones have appeared along with some more warning signs. I will try to contact the local council to find out what is going to be done to repair the hole ... but I don't expect that I will get an answer from them.


  1. It's depressing that we have to put up with incompetence from so many organisations.

    It dosn't have to be that way. For example, a few days ago I was out walking when I noticed water bubbling up from the middle of the road. Once home I logged onto the local water company's website and reported the leak. A couple of days later when I drove past half the road was dug up and blocked but the following day this was all gone and the road surface repaired.

    So the water company has at least one competent manager - and is set up so that he/she can do their job - but why is this so uncommon?

  2. Mike Hall,

    The problem with this particular hole is that no one seems to want to take responsibility for fixing it.

    The water company deny that it is a leaking water pipe that has caused the bump that became the hole, even though water is seeping out of it. The local council say that the hole is due to a water leak, and that the water company have to fix the problem. Transport for London want the hole fixed because it is disrupting the local bus service ... but they cannot force either the water company or the council to fix the problem.

    All the locals can do is pester the various authorities until they do something.

    All the best,


  3. On the plus side...


    -Seriously, start taking them, carefully. Leave enough to warn drivers. When they are replaced, steal those. Keep doing this. Then, one night, return them all. Repeat as necessary. Get the neighbours involved. Make it a community activity.

    Maybe that will motivate them.

    -Or set it up as a tourist attraction. Charge admission. Give it a grandiose name. Apply to the local council to have it added to the website (do they have websites for local areas over there?)

    -Declare it an historic site. Perhaps a Roman bath? (Take that Bath!) Apply for restoration funds. Contact the archaeology department of a local university/college, maybe they will want to do a dig.

    -Stage a stunt show. Build a couple of ramps so kids with bicycles* can jump "The Devil's Maw".

    *They don't all play video games all the time do they?

  4. Suggest you post a daily update to YouTube, with map reference via google maps. Do this for a couple days then send the link to the council.

  5. Stu Rat,

    I think that someone is already removing and/or changing around the traffic cones as they seem to be in a different arrangement today. I suspect it might be a result of drivers hitting them and locals trying to put them back. There is also one more there today than there was when we got home ... so who knows.

    Making it a tourist attraction might work, but Royal Greenwich would insist that we apply for a license first ... and that would take longer to get than waiting for the hole to be filled in!

    Declaring it an historic sight would bring it to the attention of the local archaeologist ... and as we already have a pair of neolithic burial mounds just 200m away and we live less than 500m from the old Roman Watling Street, we could end up with more holes rather than fewer.

    The school holidays have just started, and the stunt park idea sounds like a winner. Not only would kids get hurt (an accident is always a surefire way to get a news item in the local newspaper) but the killjoy council would be around in a flash to fill in the hole to stop the kids from having fun.

    I'll get the posters done later today ...

    All the best,


  6. Brigadier Dundas,

    We had thought of creating a Facebook page for the hole, and adding a regular Youtube update would make it even better.

    Thanks for the idea.

    All the best,