Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Winter-ish War: The armistice and its aftermath

Within hours of the decisive battle for Viputa, the SPUR Foreign Minister announced that it was the express wish of the Secretary of the Supreme Soviet that fighting between SPUR and Opeland should cease immediately, and that an armistice would be sought as soon as possible in order to settle matters between the two countries.

The Opelandic government agree to this, and within weeks an international conference had been called in order to thrash out an agreement between SPUR and Opeland. The negotiations were not protracted, and within days the Opelanders had agreed to hand over to SPUR the 'disputed' town of Viputa and its surrounding area. They also agreed that the border between the two countries would be demilitarized, and that the Opelandic Armed Forces would be reduced to half its current size. The SPUR delegates also expressed a wish that Marshal Talenheim be removed from command of the Opelandic Armed Forces as he was seen to be 'a militarist who only saw conflict as a means of resolving problems between friendly neighbours'. They were told that this was unnecessary as the Marshal had resigned from his position, and was now living in retirement on an estate in a remote part of Opeland.

Some weeks after the war had ended, the SPUR official newspaper published the following announcement:
The Secretary of the Supreme Soviet is pleased to announce the following military awards have been made:
  • DivCom Litvinoff: Hero of SPUR (3rd Class; posthumous)
  • DivCom Davidoff: Hero of SPUR (2nd Class)
  • DivCom Smirnoff: Hero of SPUR (1st Class)
  • Admiral Loganoff: Hero of SPUR (1st Class)
  • Marshal Zirkoff: Hero of SPUR (1st Class, with Red Banner)
The Secretary of the Supreme Soviet also wishes to express his deepest condolences to the family of DivCom Litvinoff, whose death in a car crash was announced only a few days ago.


  1. That's too bad for the heroic Opelanders, also too bad for the now deceased DivCom. Perhaps they might regain their lost territory soon with allied help?

  2. Brigadier General,

    The Opelanders were always going to be at a massive disadvantage when the fighting broke out. At least they have managed to avoid the total destruction of their armed forces, which gives them the long-term capability to rebuild and - if possible - to restore the border to its former position.

    I suspect that the Opelanders will now begin looking for a strong neighbouring nation with whom they can ally.

    As to fate of the unfortunate DivCom Litvinoff ... well at least a 'car accident' was a better outcome than he might otherwise have expected.

    All the best,


  3. The harshness of frigid winters leave little room for error.

  4. Justin Penwith,

    Very true ... especially in the north of Opeland, where there is yet untold story to be heard ...

    All the best,



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