Sunday, 21 February 2016

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames Issue 395

The March issue of MINIATURE WARGAMES WITH BATTLEGAMES magazine arrived in the post on Saturday morning, and I have just managed to have a quick read through it today.

The articles included in this issue are:
  • Briefing (i.e. the editorial) by Henry Hyde
  • World Wide Wargaming by Henry Hyde
  • Forward observer by Neil Shuck
  • Clapping in time: The continuing tales of a wargames widow by Diane Sutherland
  • Fantasy Facts by John Treadaway
  • The Featherstone Annual Tribute
  • Send three and fourpence by Conrad Kinch
  • Bob Marrion: A prolific painter passes by Charles S Grant
  • The man who would be king: A campaign to carve out your own kingdom by Jim Webster
  • Hammerhead 2016: Official Show Guide
  • Travel tiles: The virtues of 2-D battlefields for wargames by Paul D Stevenson
  • Eindecker!: The Fokker scourge of 1915-1916, part 1 by Chris Russell
  • Hex encounter by Brad Harmer-Barnes
  • A game effort: Making a wargame out of Game of Thrones by Gary Pready
  • Recce
  • The Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal report by Henry Hyde
Quite a lot of interesting articles again in this issue. Besides a well-deserved mention of Trebian's 'Wargaming for Grown-ups' blog, Neil Shuck discusses the use of counters in place of figures (something that I personally have no problem with) and Conrad Kinch makes some interesting observations about writing scenarios. Charles S Grant's obituary for Bob Marrion is a more than fitting tribute to this most excellent of military artists, and Jim Webster's The man who would be king article is well worth reading. Paul D Stevenson's Travel tiles was also of interest to me as I fight a lot of my wargames on a fairly small tabletop, and his ideas are thought-provoking. I cannot see myself going down the route he has chosen because most of my wargaming is done on a gridded playing area ... but it is worth having something like this available if ever I want a bit of a change.


  1. Tried to buy a copy today but no local newsagent stocks it. Loads of Railway mags and one solitary copy of Wargill but no MiniWargs. I'll try again on Monday in London.

    It's good of Henry to nominate me, especially after I wrote this blog in 2010:

  2. Trebian,

    Good luck finding a copy. The local branches of WHSmith usually stock several copies, and I would expect that their branches in central London will do so as well.

    All the best,



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