Friday, 19 February 2016

Comparing hexagons with squares: The end result of my deliberations

As a result of my recent deliberations – and the numerous helpful comments that I have received – I have decided to stick very firmly with my use of Hexon II hexed terrain ... and to even buy some more!

Yesterday I sent Kallistra an order for six sets of pre-flocked single-hex terrain tiles. I probably use my existing collection of single-hex tiles more than I use my collection of standard six-hex tiles (they work particularly well with my mini-campaign board), and as I expect to use this board even more frequently in the future, it seemed to make sense to ensure that I had more than enough single hexes to meet any foreseeable needs.


  1. Having gone around the same block as your good self (more than once), I always seem to end up back at the Hexon position.

    I will be asking them for some half hexes (flocked) plus another pack of singles as max out my table size in depth terms, I can get two extra rows of singles on the table, but can't get the 3 rows that are formed by the larger (standard) 6 hexed tile. So my table can be 11 hexes deep (not 12).

    Also, I hope at some point to get a box of blue hexes and push out into some naval wargaming.

    The half hexes will be for my 8 x 6 grid that sits on the pinboard.

  2. Each to their own Bob. I'm a squares person, myself, if I need a grid. I can't get my head round thinking that they look any anyway natural whereas I can convince myself I'm looking at a map if I use squares.

    Of course there are people who hate my white dots, so what do I know?


  3. Norm,

    I am still thinking about ordering some half hexes, but I will probably buy some eventually just to tidy up my mini-campaign board.

    Like you, I can just about fit enough hexes onto my 4' x 3' wargames table to set up C&C/Memoir '44 battles, and have found the single-hex tiles make this possible.

    The blue hexes have all sorts of uses, and I prefer to use them rather than the large river sections provided by Hexon when I want to depict a wide river or large body of water.

    All the best,


  4. Trebian,

    I know just what you mean about looking at a squared grid and thinking of it as being a 3D map ... and I suspect that I will still drift back to using a squared grid from time to time.

    Vive la difference!

    All the best,


  5. I'm normally a square-grid fan, but at the last convention I attended, someone left 50+ GHQ terrain hex-tiles for whomever wanted them. Inasmuch as they are all painted, with flocking, trees, roads, and rivers, and the price was right (i.e. free), I took them home. My wife was not overjoyed to see a big box of stuff coming in the front door, but even she had to admit it was irresistible!

    So I guess I'm ready to take a crack at the Winter War scenarios you described. Whoops, not quite ready--I need to get some early-war armor!

    Best regards,


  6. Chris,

    Welcome to the dark side!

    I must admit that FREE is an exceedingly attractive price for any terrain ... and no doubt you might be able to acquire additional hexes via the wargaming network if the need arises.

    I hope that you enjoy trying out my scenarios.

    All the best,



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