Thursday 5 January 2017

Toy Soldier Collector December/January 2016 Issue 73

Having read and enjoyed the last issue of TOY SOLDIER COLLECTOR, I had hoped that I when we got back I would be able to find a copy of the issue that was published whilst we were on our recent cruise. In fact it took several visits to different branches of WHSmith before I found a copy that I could buy, and I have now managed to read it.

It contains two articles that are of particular interest to wargamers rather than those whose hobby is just collecting and displaying 54mm military figures. (I know that there are quite a few people who are wargamers and who also collect 54mm figures, but the main content of this magazine is aimed more at the latter than the former.)

Mike Blake's second article about wargaming is entitled 54mm WARGAMING, and is a good general introduction to wargaming in general as well as including a very useful chart that explains the different figure scales that are used by wargamers.

There is also an interview with Ian Kay of IRREGULAR MINIATURES, which explains how the company was founded and how it has become a real family business.

Whilst TOY SOLDIER COLLECTOR is not a magazine that I will be buying regularly, it is one that I will always look through when I see a copy on sale 'just in case'.

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