Monday, 18 September 2017

Byzantines vs. Bulgars: Portable Wargame battle reports from Archduke Piccolo

Having created Army Lists for the Byzantines and the Bulgars, Archduke Piccolo has now used them in a couple of battles, which he has reported on his blog.

Judging by the photographs he has used on his blog, the two battles seem to have been full of action.

Battle 1

Battle 2

He has also made several interesting comments about the rules, and made a suggestion with regard to the card-driven unit activation system that others might wish to copy and/or experiment with. I am certainly going to do so ... when I have enough time!

Please note that all the photographs featured above are © Archduke Piccolo.


  1. Cheers, Bob. I took a heck of a lot of pictures, but cherry-picked them for the posting. Both battles featured periods of a lot of flailing about to no effect! I have one more B vs B battle to report, then I might move on to a different period...

    1. Archduke Piccolo,

      'Lots of flailing about to no effect!' sounds like a pretty realistic description of a battle to me!

      I look forward to reading any further battle reports with great anticipation.

      All the best,



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