Friday, 1 September 2017

Spanish Civil War: Day-by-Day: 1st September – 21st October 1937


After the capture of Bilbao and Santander the only remaining Republican stronghold in the North was Gijon and the surrounding area. The Nationalists, who were led by Generals Antonio Aranda and Jose Solchaga, launched an offensive through the Mountains of Leon and along the coast from the East to capture Gijon.

Aranda's forces were unable to break through the mountain passes, which were defended by Asturian troops, until a Navarrese force, under Solchaga's command, captured the village of Infiesto. This out-flanked the defences and the Asturians were forced to retreat. On 21st October Gijon surrendered and the whole northern coast of Spain now passed into Nationalist control.

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