Saturday, 16 December 2017

Back home

Sue and I have just arrived home from a pre-Christmas cruise that took us to Hamburg, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Zeebrugge. (We were also supposed to go to Amsterdam, but high winds prevented the ship from even trying to get through the locks on the North Sea Canal.)

I will be writing a blog entry about our trip in the very near future, and I have visited a number of places (especially the Royal Arsenal Museum in Copenhagen) that will generate quite a few blog entries that will be published over the coming week or so ... but for now we have a considerable amount of unpacking and sorting out to do.


  1. Bob I very much look forward to your posts. I hope you enjoyed the Royal Arsenal museum as much as I did in October.

    1. Tradgardmastare,

      I always enjoy visiting the Royal Arsenal Museum, and it had several new exhibitions that I had not seen before. They will certainly be featured in future blog entries.

      All the best,



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