Saturday, 2 December 2017

Improved hex grids with co-ordinates

I've now had another look at the basic hex grid with co-ordinates and have added very small individual numbers to each hex to ensure that their numerical co-ordinates are clearer:

During his recent visit, Arthur Harman pointed out to me if the rules were being used by two players who might wish to orientate the map to show their points-of-view (i.e. from opposing sides of the map), it might be helpful to have a mirror image for the second player. After some thought I did as he asked, and the result looks like this:

The two illustrations shown above are both in .gif format. These can be downloaded into a program like MS Paint and used 'as is' or saved into .bmp format, and then used.

Although I retain the copyright on these particular grids, I give permission for users to download them for their own personal use. If they are used in any publication (printed, electronic, or in any other format), I expect my copyright to be acknowledged.

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