Sunday, 31 December 2017

Royal Arsenal Museum 2017: Large calibre machine guns

The Royal Arsenal Museum (or Tøjhusmuseet) in Copenhagen has many examples of weapons in its collection, including the following two large calibre machine guns.

The first is an example of a M1871 37mm Hotchkiss revolving cannon on land carriage.

This was similar in design to the Gatling Gun, but was designed from the outset to use larger calibre ammunition.

The second is a Maxim Nordenfelt 37mm cannon, better known as a one-pounder 'pom-pom' gun. It is on a shipboard or fortification mounting.

This is an early example as unlike this gun, later ones carried Vickers, Sons and Maxim (VSM) maker's plates.


  1. Great photos Bob- always had a soft spot for these early automatic cannon for some unknown reason.



    1. Pete.,

      I agree; they have something about them that makes them attractive in an odd sort of way. Perhaps it is all that brasswork!

      All the best,



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