Sunday, 16 September 2018

Miniature Wargames Issue 426

The latest issue of Miniature Wargames arrived in the post on Wednesday, but I've only just had time to properly read it.

The articles included in this issue are:
  • Welcome (i.e. the editorial) by John Treadaway
  • Forward observer
  • Send three and fourpence: Grappling with computers on the Toy Soldier Frontier: Part 2 of an interview with Arofan Gregory by Conrad Kinch
  • Tabletop Gaming Live Preview
  • Tarakan 1942: Dutch vs. Japanese by Jon Sutherland, with photographs by Joe Dever
  • Gallabat: Fighting the Battle of Gallabat: 6th November 1940 by Dave Tuck, with photographs by Malc Johnston
  • The Virtuous Soldier: An exploration of 6mm sized games by Brian Cameron, with photographs by John Treadaway
  • Fiction from Friction: Don't avoid the drama! Some thought-provoking ideas by Matt Moran, with photographs by John Treadaway
  • Darker Horizons
    • Fantasy Facts
    • Stop motion: Mythology Gaming the Greek Myths the Harryhausen way by Chris Swan
  • Recce
  • Scaling up: The continuing tales of a wargames widow by Diane Sutherland
  • The troops that you lead: Setting up some 1/300th gaming by Jim Webster, with photographs by John Treadaway
  • Club Directory
When I first flipped through the pages of this issue on Wednesday, my first impressions were that there was nothing of great interest to me, which is the reason that I set it to one side until I had more time to read it.

In retrospect, those first impressions were wrong, and when I did read this magazine, I found far more to interest me than I had expected. Tarakan 1942 by Joe Dever and Gallabat by Dave Tuck covered actions that I had heard about but had never considered wargaming before, and Matt Moran's Fiction from Friction laid out some of the ways in which command and control can be limited on the tabletop battlefield.

There were also two articles that covered 1:300th-scale wargaming (Brian Cameron's The Virtuous Soldier and Jim Webster's The troops that you lead), a scale that I have only dabbled in once or twice in the past, but which I may think about venturing into in the future.

All in all, this was a much better issue than I had expected, and I am very pleased that I recently renewed my subscription.


  1. I've played a lot of PW games in 6mm (and 2mm) and have found every one an enjoyable experience. I think the sudden death option works best with the smaller scales and I always reduce the size of the grid to suit the scale of the figures I'm using.

    1. Barry Carter,

      You present a very compelling argument in favour of using smaller scale figures. It is certainly something that I need to think about.

      All the best,



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