Friday, 9 August 2019

Another book bites the dust ... almost!

I've been rather preoccupied since we got back from out latest cruise ... and not just with assembling flat-pack furniture!

I finally finished writing the second draft of the centenary history of Hertfordshire Masters' Lodge No.4090 last night, and I will be sending it off for proof reading and checking later today. Unlike all my previous books, I was actually commissioned to write this one, and it has required considerable research into the history of the Lodge and its members. The research actually spawned two other books (MASTERS AT WAR VOLUME 1: UP TO 1920 and MASTERS AT WAR VOLUME 2: 1920 TO 1970) and fills two large crates. Sue has helped by preparing biographical details of all the Worshipful Masters of the Lodge and some of its more notable members.

The crest of the Hertfordshire Masters' Lodge No.4090.
Usually a Lodge has a brief history written when it is fifty years old, and this gives whoever writes the centenary history somewhere to start. This was not the case with the Hertfordshire Masters' Lodge, and I have had to start from scratch. I have read every Minute Book from 1920 to the present day, constructed a spreadsheet that details every meeting of the Lodge, and a produced a database that contains the names of the Lodge's Founders and principal office holders.

With luck only a few errors will be found that require correction, and once that stage is complete, the book can be sent to the printer in time to be printed and bound for the centenary meeting in May 2020. During the meeting, which is likely to be attended by several hundred people, I will have to give a very brief account of the Lodge's history, after which I can finally put this project to bed.

So what next?

Well I seem to have a backlog of things that I want to do, including doing some further work on my PORTABLE COLONIAL WARGAME book. I also have several topics that I want to blog about, including the campaign system that I am trying to develop. I might take a break from blogging over forthcoming the weekend ... but if the muse comes upon me, I may well end up writing a blog entry or two that I hope will be of interest to my regular blog readers.


  1. Hi Bob,
    Certainly glad that your focusing attention onto your Portable Colonial Wargame book- you have certainly a very good collection of past posts on your Colonials to draw from. I fixed my Printer tonight and managed to print some miniature Flags for the US Navy and Japanese Navy - I intend to make a start this weekend on building some Toy Battleships. Regards. KEV.

    1. Kev Robertson (Kev),

      The rules are drafted but need some play testing. What is currently occupying my mind is the campaign system I am designing, which will be usable for solo and multiplayer games and hopefully require no (or very little) record keeping.

      I am intrigued by news of your battleship building project, and look forward to seeing how this project progresses.

      All the best,



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