Monday, 2 December 2019

Back from our latest cruise

Sue and I returned from our latest cruise last Friday, and since we got back, I don't seem to have had much time to do anything except deal with matters that have arisen whilst we were away and that I wasn't here to deal with.

Our cruise took us back to Madeira and the Canary Islands, and was intended to be a pre-Christmas break away from the usual miserable UK weather. It also gave us a break from the build-up to the UK parliamentary elections and all its associated flim-flam.

I'll be writing about where we went and what we did at some point this week ... but first I have a copy of THE NUGGET to download and take to the printers as well as two Masonic meetings to go to!


  1. Hi Bob,
    I guessed you and Sue were on a Cruise somewhere- and I was right! Sure hope you've had a great time. Things not so good there in London this past week - hoping things are better for your Christmas. It is the second day here of Summer and it is a cold snap at night locally - I'll be putting on my heater shortly. Glad your home safe. Regards. KEV.

    1. Kev Robertson,

      It was great to go somewhere warm for a fortnight, especially as the weather in the UK had been so bad for the month before we went.

      The most recent incident in London is a reminder that we live in a very dangerous world, where terrorists and the like seem to feel that attacking innocent people will advance their cause. How wrong they are! The public reaction to this event - and a recent attempt by some Extinction Rebellion activists to stop service on the Docklands Light Railway - shows that many people will not allow themselves to be treated as victims; they'd rather take action than be passive in the face of threats and disruption.

      Hope you have a great Summer ... and don't need to use your heater too often!

      All the best,



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