Wednesday, 23 November 2022

The iPad app of Guy Debord's Kriegsspiel

As I mentioned back in early October, Guy Debord's Kriegsspiel game had recently been released as an app for the iPhone and iPad. I understand that this app has been created by Andrew Galloway, and I must admit that he has done a very nice job of it.

During my recent cruise, I was able to fight several battles on my iPad using this app. Because the cost of an Internet connection from the ship is – in my mind – very expensive, I used the AI opponent rather than an online one, and it proved to be an excellent way to learn the rules of the game.

The standard starting positions for the two sides, North and South. The supply lines are indicated by different coloured dotted lines, and units must be in contact with ta friendly supply line (or in contiguous contact with another unit that is in contact with a friendly supply line) in order to move. The arsenals are fixed, but the supply depots can move along the supply lines from the arsenals in order to give other units mobility.

Overall, I thought that this was an excellent wargame, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who – like me – is travelling or does not have easy access to an opponent. Like chess, you must think several moves ahead otherwise you can end up stringing your forces out all over the place, unable to sustain them because they are not connected to the lines of supply. (Yes, logistics – or rather keeping one's access to the lines of supply open – is a vital element of this game! Bu**er up your logistics, and you lose. Cut your opponent’s supply lines, and you win!)

This game app certainly gave me thing to think about, and although the terrain is fixed, there are a number of different starting positions players can choose and this give you lots of variety. Certainly, this wargamer – who is no great lover of computer wargames – found it challenging and enjoyable, and I suspect that quite a few of my regular readers will find the same.


  1. Hi Bob,

    I'm glad you downloaded the game and are having fun playing it. Like you, I don't care for computer games but I would like to try playing. Unfortunately, it's not available for Android.


    1. Scott,

      I must admit that I’m a bit surprised that an Android version isn’t available to download. Perhaps the designer will eventually get around to creating one.

      All the best,


    2. I don't know if Galloway will take the time (or engage a friend) to make an Android version, but there is a browser version that you can play online:

    3. Brian Train,

      Now that is something that I didn't know! Thanks for sharing the link.

      All the best,



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